A prolific writer, over the past several decades Lee has crafted well over 10,000 pages of material for his clients in the form of books, executive narratives, training materials, and other types of documents.  He has also edited the work of other professional writers, providing constructive feedback to help them achieve their writing goals, impact their readers, and constantly advance their craft.

Lee has published two books, co-written four books, and written numerous articles and essays, along with multiple screenplays. One screenplay that he co-wrote, called Maddening Horizon, won Grand Prize in the 2019 Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards, from among 1200 entries.

Lee also has more than a decade of experience training and mentoring people one-on-one or in groups on various topics such as writing, executive storytelling, interpersonal communication, planning/time management, work/life balance, being a highly productive remote worker, mindfulness, emotional resilience, stress management, and how to communicate with compassion.

A proud native of New Orleans, LA, Lee has called southern Utah home for many years now, and now lives and plays near its ancient deserts with his extraordinarily spoiled dog.