The Words You Choose And Use Are Always Important …

Writing is the most powerful, beautiful, and expressive way to communicate, and I am passionate about the written word in all its forms. My mission in life is to seek inspiration and balance in all things, and my professional goal is for those qualities to shine through in the writing I do for you.

I studied creative writing at the University of Montana, and then received my BA in English from the University of New Orleans in 2002. I had been freelancing (writing and editing) since college, but in 2007 I created Lee Kelley Creative Group in order to write full-time.

Since then, I have written or co-written five books, been featured in five more, and written over ten thousand pages of material for clients all over the world. I have written for, the New York Times, read my work on National Public Radio, and been featured in TIME magazine. I invite you to browse the Books tab for a glimpse into some of my books and collaborative projects.  I also have a number of unlisted projects underway (fiction, kids’ novels, essays and poetry).

This writing, this painting of pictures and telling of tales with words, this is where my passion lies. This is where the dream is leading me.

Not only do I love working on my own stuff, but I truly enjoy helping others in this way. My top priority is finding people who want to creatively collaborate to tell their stories, and working on projects that are fulfilling and yes, FUN!

Whatever form our collaboration takes, I know how to ask you the right questions, guide you through the creative process, and get the ideas and vision out of your head and onto paper. As an independent contractor I’m also a collaborator who works only when needed, and can complete most projects virtually (by phone/e-mail).

If you’d like my help strategizing, writing, or editing a book project or any other piece of writing for that matter, give me a call at 877-439-2064 or email me at and let’s set up a time to discuss.


Writing Services Currently Offered (Tailored price quotes upon request):


– Ghostwriting (non-fiction, memoir, biography)

– Editing (almost any kind of writing)

– Creative Brainstorming/Visioning

– Book Outline Development

– Book Proposal Development


Clients include:

quote1The New York Times

Career Pro Global, Inc.

St. Martin’s Press

MetWest Financial Group

Financial Freedom

Candlewick Press

Close Combat Guide for Dads

MiniMovers (Australia’s premier residential moving company)

quote2Pathway Driver’s Training School

Dazzle Dental

Essential Mind Mapping

Numerous U.S. Military Veterans


What some of my clients had to say:

“The moving essays Lee Kelley contributed to our milblog the Sandbox evoked strong reader response, and his work contributed significantly to the book’s The Sandbox as well. I enjoyed working with Lee on both of these projects. He’s sharp and he’s quick, and he’s got a good ear. So if wordsmithing is involved, Lee is definitely your go-to guy.

– David Stanford, Duty Officer, Doonesbury Town Hall


“After an exhaustive search for writers on behalf of Simon & Schuster, I brought Lee Kelley on board as a contributor to the ‘The Blog of War: Frontline Dispatches from Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan’ (Simon & Schuster, 2006). One of the reasons that the Washington Post called it “riveting reading” and Vanity Fair advised readers to buy the book was because of Lee Kelley’s exceptional writing style. He’s really extraordinary to work with – confident, extremely competent, and dedicated to his craft. I highly recommend teaming up with Lee at any stage of your project. He’ll add value immediately.”

– Matt Burden Editor, Blog of War Anthology


“Professional writers have to be adaptable – able to ghostwrite so smoothly that readers hear the author’s voice. Professional writers need to deliver all forms of writing with style and grace, and be able to pen an essay that pulls the emotions of the reader right to the forefront. Lee Kelley is that professional writer. I’ve read many samples of Lee’s work, and he never fails to impress. He can draw readers right to the front lines of the war, or depict the last days of a mother’s life with heartbreaking clarity and sensitivity. I’ve read engaging press releases that he’s drafted with very little available background information, and I’ve seen him ghostwrite a compelling biography from videotape transcripts and the remembrances of those close to the subject. All of these works have been very well crafted. Whether you are an author in need of editing, or a major corporation looking to hire someone who can deliver “the punch,” you cannot go wrong in selecting Lee Kelley. He’s the right person for the job.”

– Maria Edwards, President, American Authors Association


“When I think of Lee Kelley, the phrase “one in a million” comes to mind. He’s that person in the room who’s an overachiever, who’s excellent at their craft, and who makes everything seem so simple. Since meeting and collaborating with Lee in 2008, CareerPro Global (CPG) has worked with him on literally hundreds and hundreds of Senior Executive writing projects with huge success. Lee’s very satisfied clients describe him as ‘world class … eloquent writer … went above and beyond … brings life to words … and develops masterpieces in writing … Lee earns CPG clients some of the most prestigious and powerful jobs in the world. Admirals, Generals, Colonels, and alike request Lee by name to assist them during their career transition.

Because of his extraordinary talent and selfless giving to others, which includes career coaching, writing, ghostwriting books, training, and his devotion to CPG, as well as his personal and professional balance, vision, professionalism, character, and team spirit, it is with great pleasure that I provide the highest recommendation.”

– Barbara Adams, President and CEO, CareerPro Global, Inc.


“I was most fortunate to find Lee to be the writer who would help me bring Dick’s life story into book form. It’s been such a pleasure working with him … He is a true wordsmith who can actually paint a picture with words. Lee put the information I gave him into an enjoyable and readable form and often came up with the words I was trying to think of but couldn’t. Lee kept me going when I was discouraged and didn’t think I could go on.”

– Joyce Fisher, co-author of A Life Well Built: The Authorized Biography of Brigadier General Richard (Dick) E. Fisher