Coaching Can Be a Powerful Catalyst for Change …

We can call it Life Coaching, Goal-Based Coaching, or Time and Change Management Coaching. No matter what we choose to call it, the process is nothing new.

People have been hiring coaches, mentors, and trainers for a wide variety of reasons for a very long time. With the proliferation of the internet and communication technologies, more and more people now have access to coaching/mentoring, and millions of them take advantage of the opportunity each year. That’s because in this increasingly complex and chaotic world, it can be extremely powerful to have a conscientious partner focused on helping you improve and grow in the areas of your choosing.

By asking you the right questions and then listening in the right way, I will help you discover areas you want to address, problems you want to solve, plans you want to create and execute, or changes you want to make. It’s certainly not that I am an expert in every subject. But after a lifetime of observing, learning from, leading, mentoring, coaching, and being mentored by others, I have developed my intuition and ability to guide you where you want to go.

This is not therapy or counseling, although sometimes it may feel like it. We will certainly discuss the past at times, and especially in light of how it is affecting your life now. We will also talk about the future, creating goals and a vision for success. But mostly, we will focus on forming habits that help you to enjoy life more in each moment.

I currently offer coaching in the following areas: 

Executive Leadership Coaching

I have worked closely with over 500 executives in identifying and reaching their career goals. These have either been C-level corporate executives, senior federal employees, or senior military officers (O5 and up) from all branches. I’ve helped them identify, discuss, and write extensively about how they build and lead teams and organizations, plan and create strategic change, forge interagency partnerships, and create lasting results in a variety of settings. While analyzing and exploring their professional endeavors, I have had the pleasure of seeing what works and what doesn’t for them personally, and gained insight into their mindsets and practices for high performance, effective communication, and overall success and fulfillment.  I now stand ready to work with you on a personal level, giving you the objective viewpoint, support, and accountability you need to make the positive changes you want in life!

Time Management/Planning

Sometimes we just need a good, solid, comprehensive plan that takes into account your hopes, aspirations, dreams, limitations, resources, creativity, imagination, and potential- all designed to propel you towards your goal, whatever that might be. I had a pretty good head for organization as a kid, but they say that military officers are “experts at the art of controlling chaos.” The military really cultivated my ability to develop short and long-term micro and strategic plans, and I have learned how to adapt those skills to virtually any situation- whether it’s writing a book, changing something about your life or behavior, or simply a meaningful plan to live with more gratitude and balance.  Any plan will shift and change, but the plan is also your compass, a way to keep getting you back on track.  Without a written plan to work from, we sometimes find ourselves walking in the dark and wasting precious time…

Change Management

If we spent any time together, you’d know that I’ve been through a number of major life changes, even transformations, reinventing myself both personally and professionally several times over the years. Combine all of that life experience with my professional endeavors before, during, and after my military career, and I am just the person to help you navigate change in a positive way. I’ve learned that by embracing and planning for change, we can more easily achieve personal freedom and professional success. Going through a change and don’t know how to handle it? Want to change something but at a loss about where to start? Are you resistant to change, and is that making things harder for you in one or more areas of your life? I can help you to realize that you are ALWAYS changing on so many levels, whether you like it or not. When you stop resisting, and take a realistic and proactive approach to change, that’s when the magic starts …

Veteran Empowerment Coaching

I spent 5 years on Active Duty and 6 years in the National Guard. I spent time as enlisted (E-1 to E-5) and then transitioned into an officer (O-1 to O-3). I have trained all over the world, and spent a year deployed in Ramadi, Iraq (2005-2006). Finally, in 2007 I made my own transition back into civilian life, leveraging my writing, leadership, and training backgrounds to become a professional writer and coach. Along the way, I have served with, worked for, led, or coached countless Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserve personnel at all ranks, from all branches, and stationed all over the world. I helped them  achieve fantastic results because I am one of them. This is not career coaching (see note below). This is personal empowerment coaching for the modern veteran. If you would like my guidance and support with the mental, physical, relationship, and even spiritual challenges that come along with transitioning back into civilian life, let’s talk … I will help you define areas of your life you’d like to change or improve, identify obstacles to your success, and develop meaningful steps to get you the results you want. You’ll leave the session feeling more organized, energized and empowered!

So… do you have something SPECIAL, something important you want to change or achieve?

If you want to speed up your success rate, then I’d like to help you do it with a FREE 60-minute coaching session. After the session, you will know if you’re ready to purchase one of my short or long-term coaching packages.

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1. What do you most want to change or achieve today?


2. Have you tried to change or accomplish this before?


3. What have you attempted in the past that didn’t work?


4. Why do you think it didn’t work?


5. On a scale of 0-10, how important is it for you to achieve change today?


6. What other areas of your life do you want to change (if any)?


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Note: This site does NOT offer career coaching or management (resume services, SES writing, or federal application assistance). I ONLY provide career coaching through CareerPro Global, Inc., and I’d love to work with you.  Simply call 800-471-9201 and request me by name. 


What some of my clients have had to say:

“After my recent divorce, I was struggling trying to balance motherhood and my career, both of which seemed to be emotionally overpowering. I felt as though I was struggling to maintain my own identity as a mother and therapist, helping others, while finding my new identity as a single mother. Lee helped me focus on my positive characteristics. He helped me to regain the inner strength I possess required to maintain success in all areas of my life. Through inspirational conversation and a life plan to help me construct a collective order within all areas of my life, Lee facilitated an easier transition during a difficult period of my life. I couldn’t be more grateful! He is an absolute gift to those in need of direction!”

– Melissa R. Jenner, Speech Language Pathologist and President, Delta Speech & Language Consultants, LLC


Disclaimer: I am NOT a licensed therapist, psychologist or medical provider. I am someone who has been coaching and leading people in various capacities since 1992. The guidance, concepts, and strategies shared in my coaching programs, books, blog and email communications from Lee Kelley Creative Group are ideas that have worked for me personally, and for clients and friends.  While I believe deeply in my messages and techniques, I cannot guarantee any results. The results you get are based on your own specific energy, circumstances, level of commitment, etc. Always use your own judgment to find the right strategies for your life, your business and your particular situation.